Artist Statement for Shopping Mall & Fire painting series:

I make visual combinations of architecture, plants, psychedelic colors, and contemporary media images. Many of my visual references include American architecture of shared spaces and found media images of the “War On Terror”. An example is the oil painting Atlantic Center Mall & Baghdad. It combines a magenta and yellow rendering of a Brooklyn shopping mall overlapping a photograph of the Iraqi capital suffering the “shock and awe” campaign of the first night of US aerial bombing in 2003.

These paintings provide a backdrop for my meditation on the cultural connection between American foreign policy and common domestic obsessions typified by shopping malls. In making the work, I collect visual source material and go through a process of digital and analog editing, reconstructing, combining, and overlapping various reference images. I think of my working process as an organization and distillation of the visual information that I am exposed to.

My use of the tools and genre of painting is merely a means to an end. I enjoy working with paint and it satisfies my need to create discrete objects that communicate matters beyond the total of their material parts.